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Originally from a small village in Wales, I was brought up speaking Welsh as my first language.

At a young age I developed an interest in sewing and embroidery and this continued throughout my childhood.

I graduated in Typography from Exeter College of Art and Design and subsequently worked as a designer in studios and advertising agencies in England and Wales. After spending time at home bringing up our two children, I then began to cross stitch once again and found it difficult to find Welsh cross stitch designs.

With a background in design, I began to design a selection of cross stitch designs myself. This drew on my love of stitching, fabrics and making in general, combined with my design experience and so I began producing my own cross stitch designs and this inspired me to embark on a new venture as a cross stitch designer.

I live on the edge of the beautiful Gower peninsula in South Wales and I sell my designs to customers all over the world through my website and Etsy shop. My work has also allowed me the opportunity to attend stitching shows and events across the country where I am able sell directly to customers and meet lots of lovely stitchers. It's a real pleasure when I can put a face to a name of a customer I may have been dealing with through my website or over the phone. Sometimes they may also bring along a finished item for me to see which is always extra special and it is always lovely for me to know that stitchers chose one of my pieces to mark a special occasion.

                                                          New designs are added to my collection regularly therefore please visit

                                                            my website to keep up to date with our latest products or subscribe to my

                                                             newsletter to hear about them straight away.


                                               It's lovely to be a part of a such an exciting and vibrant community

                                                                 of stitchers from across the world!

Happy Stitching!  -  Brodio Hapus!

A late night stitching session with my little helper, Olifer.

DMC threads ready to go onto cards

Designs all start with my original drawings

All set to go on my stand at The Handmade Fair,

Hampton Court, London

Olifer, as drawn by my daughter, Cadi.

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